How does it work?


Account Holders:

Licence plate recognition offers a ticketless parking experience where a photograph is taken of your numberplate upon ENTRY and again on EXIT. This photograph is your ‘ticket’ for your parking session with IHF Car parking.

Parking sessions can include visits to both Ipswich Hospital and Ipswich Health Plaza in the one day. This includes multiple entry and exits at individual sites. The fee will remain at the same daily rate.

Please note: If the boom gate does not open for you, press the help button for assistance.

Visitor parkers:

Visitor parkers will take a ticket on entry. The ticket will then be used to pay for parking at the end of your time with us either the pay station (cash and credit card) or exit gate pay machine (credit card only).


What if I need help with my parking at the pay station or exit?


The pay stations and exit pay machines have ‘HELP’ buttons (phone picture) which ring through to assistance. To call Help, please press “Help” Button and wait up to 12 rings.