There has been a recent issue with the IHF Car Parks technology system. This problem affected the automatic charging for some of your parking transactions in November and December 2023.

Because of these technical difficulties, the system didn’t deduct the correct charges from your account during that time. To address this, for your use of the car parks over that time, we have recently processed your outstanding payments through your account.

For transparency, you can check the charges on your parking statements. These statements provide detailed information, including the date, time, and location of each parking transaction. We understand the importance of timely billing and apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@ihfoundation.org.au or call 1300 736 428, pressing option 2.

Trouble getting into the car park?

  • Have you ACTIVATED your car park account following the transfer over from the last system? This involves using the email Carpark@ihfoundation.org.au sent you and following the instructions
  • Have you saved your licence plate number on your account? You need to continue through to the final confirmation page in order for your changes to be saved
  • If you experience continual challenges with your number plate being not read properly or unrecognised in the system, please contact IHF on 1300 736 428 for assistance
  • Manual Access Cards (MACs) are available for those customers who experience repeat issues relating to number plates ie – personalise plates, plates with patterns, abstract colours and images other than numbers or letters

Manual Access Cards (MACs)

MACs will be issued to those customers whose plates have proven insurmountably challenging for the system to read. This function is a backup option for your account parking or in some cases Queensland Government Fleet car parking to ensure a smoother entry and exit to the car parks. MACs are a $20.00 deposit, fully refundable when returned in good working order to IHF.

MACs can be used for vehicles that are in the following category:

  • Queensland Government Fleet Cars
  • Account-holders who ride motorbikes and park in P1
  • Account-holders who ride motorbikes and who also drive cars (with both attached to their Parking Account)

Please contact IHF on 1300 736 428 if you believe you require a MAC.


Traffic flow during peak times

Are you coming to the hospital for an appointment or for a work shift? It is important to leave adequate time to arrive, park and find your way.

Car parks experience delays at times, during peak times such as hospital clinics and shift commencement and conclusion.