Upon which it is agreed that a motor vehicle is accepted by the Proprietor, its Manager, Servants and Agents.

1. This is a ticket support LPR car parking system. Casual parkers are required to take a ticket upon entry and pay at either a pay station, which accepts cash or card, or pay by car at the exit prior to exiting. Customers who lose their tickets must press the lost ticket button on the pay stations to effect payment. A $21 fee (maximum) will be charged.
2. Registered account holders will also be required to take a ticket if there is a problem with their account. Causal rates will be charged for that day and account holders must rectify their account before returning to the carpark or else they will continue to be charged causal parking rates and may have their accounts suspended and/or cancelled.
3. The Proprietor or Manager may refuse entry to any person or vehicle at any time without giving any reason therefore. The Proprietor or Manager may at any time terminate the licence hereby granted without giving any reason therefore and may there upon remove the vehicle from the car park.
4. The fee charged casual parking is based on one admittance only and length of time the vehicle is parked in the car park. Once the vehicle is removed from the car park a new fee must be paid on each occasion the vehicle is readmitted.
5. Regular parkers may establish an ‘account’ by registering on the parking web-site and paying, by credit/debit card, an initial fee. The amount of this fee is also the amount of the “top-up” fee. A daily advertised parking rate is then charged against the account when parking in the car park. When the advertised amount is reached in an account, a ‘top-up’ of funds will occur. A registered account holder must have funds adequate to cover the parking rate in their account and account details, including expiration date of their credit card must be in order. If these funds are not adequate or the account is not able to be ‘topped-up’, the casual rate will be charged. Registered account holders are responsible for the maintenance of their account.
6. If a registered account holder wishes to cancel their account they are to log-on to their account and request a cancellation, a refund will then be organised to the nominated credit card. Once cancelled any future parking will incur casual rates.
7. Fee remittance parkers must have their on-line accounts established and approved by the CEO of WMH or designee (this includes any changes or additions). If the details in the account are in variation to the actual license plate presented for parking, the casual rate will be charged. Only one vehicle per day is authorised for fee remittance parking.
8. All parkers must observe the parking restrictions and not park in any reserved or parking set aside for parkers with special needs. Failure to display the required permits to park in these areas may result in a fine, having your registered account cancelled or removal of the violating vehicle.
9. All parkers must pay the requested amount upon exit or be liable for a $50 administrative fee in addition to the amount of the car parking fee.
10. For the safety of all persons, motorcycles must only park in the designated areas. Motorcycles are prohibited from parking at Ipswich Health Plaza Carpark. Motorcyclists parking at Ipswich Hospital carparks will be required to take a ticket on entry and validate to remit the charge to the Account Holder Rate by either visiting the office at the exit of the second hospital carpark (P2) or by pressing the help button.
11. Ticket validation is only available 9am-5pm Monday-Friday.
12. The Proprietor/Manager shall not be liable for any loss of or damage to any vehicle in the car park its accessories or contents. The employees and agents of the Proprietor/Manager have no authority to accept for safe custody any items of any kind under any circumstances.
13. The Proprietor or Manager shall have a lien upon any vehicle left in the car park and shall have the right to retain the vehicle until all sums due for entry and parking have been paid to the Proprietor.
14. The Proprietor/Manager shall not be responsible for any injury howsoever done to or suffered by any person in the car park. The Parker shall be liable for, and shall indemnify the Proprietor/Manager against any liability, loss, claim, damage or proceeding in respect of any injury or damage whatsoever to any person or property (real or personal) insofar as such injury or damage arises out of or in the course of the parking of the vehicle or use of the car park by the Parker.
15. These conditions may be varied only by a written agreement signed by the Proprietor/Manager. No other attempted variation of these conditions will be effective, and Proprietor/Manager shall not be bound by any such attempt.
16. Retrieval of a vehicle after closure of the car park (Plaza) will incur a call out fee of $90.
17. License plate numbers must be readable and comply with government standards. License plate numbers that are unreadable due to being bent, damaged, dirty or altered will incur a charge of casual rates upon exit.


Effective 1 March 2019