Casual parkers are required to take a ticket to enter.



0 Mins – 1 Hr $3.00
1 Hr – 2 Hrs $6.00
2 Hrs – 3 Hrs $9.00
3 Hrs – 4 Hrs $12.00
4 Hrs – 5 Hrs $15.00
5 Hrs – 6 Hrs $18.00
Maximum Daily Rate $21.00

Lost ticket incurs maximum daily rate.

Hospital P1 and P2 – 2.1 metres
Health Plaza – 1.8 metres

Hospital P1 and P2: 24 hours
Health Plaza: Monday – Friday 6am to 6pm (closed weekends)

The Ipswich Health Plaza is a secure parking site. Roller doors secure the site on weekends and between 6pm and 6am on weekdays.

To gain access to the car park outside of these hours please contact IHF for an After Hours Swipe Card. The cards are $20.

Pay Machine (cash or card accepted)

  • Enter ticket
  • Pay the amount displayed
  • Paid ticket returned. Insert ticket at boom gate to exit (no further payment needed)

Ipswich Hospital CarPark – The pay machine is located at Red Level
Ipswich Health Plaza Carpark – The pay machine is located on Level 1 near the entry

At Exit Boom Gate (credit or debit card only)

  • Enter the ticket at the exit.
  • Pay amount displayed on screen by card only.

To use the car park:

Take a ticket at the entry. Your ticket is your key to moving in and out of the carpark.

To pay for your parking, use the pay station on ‘Red Level’ at Ipswich Hospital or Level 1 Health Plaza or at exits using card only.

Insert your ticket into the machine and your charge will be revealed.