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The New Car Park System

The Ipswich Hospital Foundation operates three car parks under agreements with Queensland Health. They are located at:

  • Ipswich Health Plaza, referred on this site as the Plaza Car Park, which is on Bell Street in the same structure as the Ipswich Station;
  • Ipswich Hospital, referred on this site as the Hospital West Car Park, which is on Chelmsford Road opposite the current main entrance to the hospital.
  • Ipswich Hospital, new car park, which is on Chelmsford Road adjacent to the Hospital West Car Park.

A new automated car park system is installed at these car parks. Here is a brief outline of the new system for the car parks:

  • The system uses License Plate Recognition technology.
  • Your license plate number will be recorded by cameras upon entry and exit.
  • Upon payment or recognition that you have funds in your ‘account’, the boom arm will lift and you can exit the car park.
  • There are no tickets, proximity cards, or vouchers.
  • There are no boom gates on the entry lanes; however ‘dragon’s teeth’ are installed to prevent cars exiting through the entry lane.
  • All rates and prices on this site are GST inclusive.
  • By entering the car park you are responsible for adhering to the Terms and Conditions posted at the Car Parks and on this website.  This includes the agreement to pay the amount requested on exiting the car park.